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Seeing Anisa Zeb smile and laugh with her friends most would never guess how much tragedy she has experienced in her short 12 years of life. She was only six years old when an earthquake reshaped her whole valley in 2005. This earthquake destroyed her home and buried both of her parents beneath it. Afterwards she was alone with her older brother. Through great personal sacrifice her grandparents took her in to raise her as their own. They were unable to care for both her and her brother, so her brother was sent 8 hours away to live with their uncle.

There did not seem to be much hope for Anisa after the earthquake but her optimism remained. She enrolled in Aslam Academy, a Bakarwal Mobile School (BMS) in her remote village, and immediately applied herself to her studies. Studying proved difficult for her but through the care and instruction of her teacher, Javed Hussain, she completed the basic two year literacy course. Through this she was able to learn basic math and how to read and write in Gojri, Urdu and English. After finishing this program she had a strong desire to continue her studies. She began the BMS primary course and is now in her third year of studies. Her enthusiasm for learning continues to grow. Her teacher says that she wants to one day use her education to help other orphans, who, like herself, are at a great disadvantage. She has hopes of receiving a high-school diploma and some medical training so that she can be of service to her own community. Her teacher boasts, "After the earthquake it would have been impossible for any orphan to remain in our village and receive and education. Now, because of BMS, Anisa loves to come to school and there is greater hope for her future."

Javed Hussain

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